Nuclear Security Department

The main activity of the Nuclear Security Department involves the topics of nuclear safeguards and nuclear safety, aiming at the solution of related tasks. These fundamental research and method development tasks are carried out in collaborating research groups. Moreover the Department ensures a professional background providing expert advice, services as well as routine and R&D activities supporting authority functions for the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. By the governmental decree (33/2004 Ministry of Interior) the central isotope registry is maintained at the Nuclear Security Department of the Centre. In the frame of this task local control is executed at 500 licensees, who possess of about 6000 closed radioactive sources. To the enforcement of the Non-proliferation Agreement the International Atomic Energy Agency introduced a Nuclear Safeguards Agreement, which specifies the method development of analytical techniques for safeguards verifications. To assure these aims method developments and updating for national and international control of nuclear (fissile) materials have been carried out at our Department. Non-destructive (gamma spectrometry, neutron coincidence counting system) and destructive (ICP-MS) techniques are used for this purpose. At the same time our Department has got tasks in the field of Nuclear Forensics. Method developments are carried out for analysis of confiscated and smuggled nuclear materials. Also a governmental decree (17/1996) designates our Centre for the identification and characterization of unknown (seized) nuclear materials. Another task for safeguards verification is the development of new techniques and methods for analysis and control of fresh, burnt and damaged and re-encapsulated fuel pellets at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. Novel methods have been developed used successfully and continuously at Paks Nuclear Power Plant during e.g. safeguards verifications performed by the IAEA inspectors. The research and development activity in the field of dosimetry at our Department covers personal, retrospective, accidental, reactor and radiation technology dosimetric fields. Novel dosimetric materials are developed and characterized and new analytical techniques are worked out. Regarding to the retrospective dosimetry, our Department participates in an FP7 EU project aiming at the development of fast, in-field applicable and portable methods for estimation of absorbed doses in the case of a nuclear accident or terrorist activity.

Department Head: Dr. Kovács-Széles, Éva Tel: +(36-1)-392-3171 Fax: +(36-1)-392-2584

The colleagues of the department 

MTA EK, Nuclear Forensic Laboratory