Curriculum Vitae

Publications: researchgate, mtmt repository

MFA Laboratory of Ellipsometry

Biomaterials and Bioellipsometry

Enhanced protein adsorption and cellular adhesion using transparent titanate nanotube thin films made by a simple and inexpensive room temperature process: Application to optical biochips

In-depth characterization and computational 3D reconstruction of flagellar filament protein layer structure based on in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements

In situ ellipsometric study of surface immobilization of flagellar filaments

In situ spectroscopic ellipsometry study of protein immobilization on different substrates using liquid cells

Photonic structures

Fourier ellipsometry – an ellipsometric approach to Fourier scatterometry

Optical Models for the Characterization of Silica Nanosphere Monolayers Prepared by the Langmuir-Blodgett Method Using Ellipsometry in the Quasistatic Regime

Reconstruction of sub-wavelength features and nano-positioning of gratings using coherent Fourier scatterometry



Optical modeling