Detector Testing Laboratory

In 2013, a test laboratory was established at Nuclear Security Department (NSD) for detector systems in the frame of a European project FP7 (Scintilla 2012-2014). The test laboratory falls under the rare, unique establishments what a wide choice of various radioactive sources, nuclear and other (masking) materials, usable in testing, are capable to provide. In the laboratory a possibility is given for testing detector systems, sensors (portal monitors, hand appliances) of nuclear materials and other radioactive materials under controlled conditions. Dynamic and static irradiators are at disposal for testing both situated portal monitors and hand appliances, isotope identifiers.

The ultimate objective of the test laboratory is giving assistance to detector-producing companies in the development of more and more sensitive an effective instruments.

There looks a high claim to the test laboratory. It is employed in several EU projects, such as: EUROSTARS (jointly with the British firm SYMETRICA, for development of detector systems); C-BORD (a H2020 project with 18 partners, for developing detector systems to be deployed at sea and mainland borders for more effective customs clearance, jointly with the national tax and customs authority NAV); INSIDER (a H2020 project with 19 partners, for in-situ measurements and characterisation of decommissioned reactors and radioactive waste); ITRAP-10+ (intercomparison among test laboratories).


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