Centre for Energy Research

The Centre for Energy Research (EK) was established in January 2012 on the basis of two former independent institutions, the Institute of Isotopes (IKI) and the KFKI Atomic Energy Research Institute (AEKI). The Centre is part of the research network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The mission of the Centre for Energy Research is to perform research and development in the field of nuclear science and technology for facilitating the adoption and the safe use of nuclear technology in Hungary, to participate in international research efforts aiming at the establishing a new generation of nuclear power plants and closing the fuel cycle, to study the interaction of radiation (including neutrons, gamma-rays and electrons) with matter, and to do isotope and nuclear chemistry, chemical analysis by nuclear methods, radiography, radiation chemistry, radiation protection and nuclear security, surface chemistry and renewable energy research. The Centre and its Institutes focus their research efforts on the following topics:

  • basic and applied research in the fields of reactor physics, fuel rods, thermohydraulics, nuclear fusion, nuclear reactions and nuclear data, health physics, real time expert systems, reactor core simulations, safety assessments of nuclear power plants, safety aspects of transportation and storage of nuclear materials, analysis of reactor failures, radiation damage, mechanics, reactor core diagnostics and leak detection, as defined in the Law on the application of nuclear energy;
  • nuclear safeguards, method development and application of destructive and non-destructive characterization techniques;
  • application and development of nuclear analytical techniques;
  • study the chemical effects of ionizing radiation, such as polimerization, degradation, waste removal, dosimetry;
  • basic research in the fields of surface chemistry and catalysis by applying Mössbauer and XPS spectroscopy, tracers and radiation-modified catalysts;
  • technical support activity for the Hungarian Authorities in the fields of nuclear safeguards, radiation safety, registration and transport of nuclear materials, characterization of confiscated or unknown nuclear materials;
  • technical and administrative operation of the Budapest Research Reactor and its cold source, promoting the utilization of the reactor and the related intruments in Hungary and abroad, also as a gestor of the Budapest Neutron Center consortium, basic and applied research in neutron radiography, neutron physics, prompt and instrumental activation analysis, and in the field of biology-related applications;
  • the arrangement of emergency response and environmental monitoring at the KFKI Campus, contribution to the domestic nuclear emergency relief service.

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