Conferences, workshops

This page contains the info about conferences and workshops hosted by the Centre.

10. April, 2014. Third workshop of SH 7/2/11 Swiss-Hungarian Research Project "Development of a micro- and macroscopic approach to investigate the geochemistry of radioactive waste disposal systems" (=> the program)

EURADOS (European Radiation Dosimetry Group) Annual Meeting (AM2014)
takes place on 10-13 February 2014 at the Danubius Hotel Flamenco, Budapest.  The event is organized by the Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. EURADOS is a non-profit association for promoting research and development and European cooperation in the field of the dosimetry of ionizing radiation. The meeting includes the 7th EURADOS Winter School „Relative Biological Effectiveness, radiation weighting factor and quality factor: their role in quantifying effectiveness of ionizing radiation”. More details about EURADOS and the Annual Meeting are available on .

6th International k0-Users’ Workshop

The 6th International k0-Users’ Workshop will be held in Budapest, Hungary from 22nd to 27th September 2013.

The objectives of the k0-Users’ Workshop are:

  • to bring together researchers and new users to strengthen k0-NAA applicability worldwide,
  • to exchange information and review the status of current developments and applications, 
  • to discuss the method traceability, its quality assurance can be improved, how the several versions of k0-libraries in use can be harmonized and to discuss future trends.

The Nuclear Analysis and Radiography Laboratory invites you to join the k0 Family at Budapest!

IAEA TM42752

  • IAEA Technical Meeting on Use of Neutron Beams for High Precision Nuclear Data Measurements,

10-12 December 2012, Budapest, Hungary

The local website of the event is

The homepage of the event at IAEA:


  • IAEA Regional Workshop on Russian Research Reactor Fuel Return (RRRFR) Program Lessons Learned,

12-15 June 2012, Club Tihany Resort, Tihany, Hungary

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