National Nuclear Forensics Laboratory and the IAEA Collaborating Center for Nuclear Forensics

Head of the Nuclear Forensics Laboratory


 Éva Kovács-Széles

 Tel: +(36-1)-392-2222/3168  



As one of its main activities, Nuclear Security Department (NSD) takes part in combating illicit trafficking of nuclear materials and against nuclear terrorism. Our activities for developing analytical methods and making forensic investigations, including determination of the origin of nuclear materials look back more than 20 years in our institute. Currently the lately updated Governmental Decree 490/2015 (XII.30) (previously 17/1996) delegates MTA EK the duties of supporting authorities in identifying and characterising seized, found nuclear materials of unknown origin.

In 2014, we formed a central Nuclear Forensic Laboratory, run by NSL, but it also employs means existing at the other departments of MTA EK (as e.g. neutron tomography, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, etc.). Techniques essential for nuclear forensic analysis, like gamma- and mass spectrometry, are existing at NSD.

In December 2016, IAEA appointed MTA EK to the Collaborating Centre of the International Atomic Energy Agency for Nuclear Forensics in Hungary – at first in the world.

The Nuclear Forensic Laboratory strives to help the East-Central European Region and other IAEA member states in the frame of international training courses, thus wishing to contribute to the enhancement of nuclear security at the international scale.

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