Nuclear Security Department



   Head of the Department:

    Péter Völgyesi

    Tel: +(36-1)-392-2222/3164  




A significant part of the activity of the Nuclear Security Department (NSD) refers to the topics of nuclear safeguards and security, being directed to the duties concerned. Related works for research, development, and technical service are going on in some closely cooperating thematic groups such as non-destructive analytical (by gamma-spectrometry and neutron counting), destructive analytical (by mass spectrometry), and exploratory (detection) ones. One of the main activities of the Lab is participation in combating illicit trafficking of nuclear materials and nuclear terrorism. This task is delegated to MTA EK by the Governmental Decree 490/2015 (XII.30) (previously 17/1996).

In addition, NSD assures professional background and provides support to fulfilling official tasks of the Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority. In the frame of the national registry system of radioactive isotopes introduced by the decree 11/2010 KHEM, the Lab co-workers take part, on the spot, in the inspection of about 7000 sealed radiation sources located at about 500 users.

Activity of NSL extends to the field of industrial research and development as well, first of all in projects linking to the Paks Nuclear Power Plant.

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