26. November 2015.   10:00     (bldg. 21/A  3rd floor)
A. Oberstedt (Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg)
Prompt particle emission from fission - progress in measurements, systematics and predictions

25. March 2015.    10:00   John F. Berry (University of Wisconsin, Chemistry Dept.)
Adventures in non-classical coordination chemistry 

13. October 2014.  14:00  Daniel Mazur,  PhD CERIC-ERIC consortium, University of Prague)
Genesis of a distributed international research institution

13. October 2014.  10:00  Klaus Mayer (JRC Institute of Transuran Elements, Karlsruhe)
Application of nuclear forensics methodologies in nuclear safeguards and nuclear security

14. September 2014. 10:00   Joachim Knebel (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Energy perspective for Germany and Europe: a researcher's view
(=> abstract and CV)

22. January 2014.  9:00   Patrik Johansson  (Chalmers University, Göteborg)
Modern battery research: Multitude of challenges

25. September 2013.  14:00  Vladimir Kagramanjan  (Rosatom, IPPE)
Russian efforts towards fourth generation nuclear power plants

2. July 2013. 10:00 Maria Isabel Prudéncio (Aveiro University, Portugal)
Neutron techniques for solving problems in provenance and conservation of ancient ceramics 

19. June 2013. 14:00 Andreas Oberstedt (ERINDA-project)
Prompt particle emission in neutron-induced and spontaneous fission 

29. May 2013. 11:00 Debashis Mukherji (Institut für Werkstoffe, TU Braunschweig)
In-situ measurements at high temperatures with neutron and synchrotron probes help Co-Re base alloy development  

23. April 2013. 13:00 Dr. Yuri Suchorski (Institute of Materials Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology)
Lithium on surfaces: an extraordinary system

22. June 2012. 10:00 Alok Srivastava (Chemistry Dept. Panjab University)
Nuclear analytical techniques in the study of environment and public health: An overview of work carried out in India and Germany (abstract)

20. June 2012. 13:00 Zhangjian Zhou (University of Science and Technology, Beijing)
The progress on new grade materials for advanced nuclear systems at University of Science and Technology, Beijing

4. April 2012. 13:30 Norbert Babcsán (Bay LOGI)
Habosított aluminium (Seminar of "AEKI Club")

21. March 2012. 13:30 József Kadlecsik (MTA Wigner FK, SzHK)
Amiről jó lett volna tudnom, avagy a telephelyi informatikai szolgáltatások (Seminar of "AEKI Club")

3. March 2012 on the Budapest Conference of Sceptical Scientists 2012
Mihály Makai: Kockázat és biztonság ( the slides of presentation => ppt)
és Péter Zagyvai Mit okozhat a sugárdózis? Bizonyítékok és feltételezések a radioaktív és kozmikus sugárzások hatásáról ( the slides of presentation => ppt)

6. February, 2012. 13:00 Zsolt Révay
(TU München, FRM-II): A PGAA berendezés átépítése a Müncheni Kutatóreaktornál ( slides => pdf) (seminar of the Department of Nuclear Analytics)

13. January, 2012. 13:30 László Rosta (Wigner Research Centre for Physics) Kutatóreaktorok sokirányú hasznosítása - új lendület a nagyvilágban ( slides => pdf ) (seminar of "AEKI-Club")