Last name:       BÁRSONY

First name:      István

Born:               July 19, 1948, in Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Title:                Professor

Affiliation:      Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Mailing address: P.O.Box 49, 1525 Budapest, Hungary

Visiting address: Konkoly Thege út 29-33, 1121 Budapest, Hungary

Phone:                         +3613922225

Mobile:            +36306001662

Fax:                 +3613922226

e-mail:             barsony at mfa.kfki.hu, barsony.istvan at energia.mta.hu

www.energia.mta.hu, www.mfa.kfki.hu, www.mems.hu


1971                Dipl. Ing. (MSc. El .Eng.), TH Ilmenau (Thüringen)

1971-1982       Industrial Res. Inst. for Electronics - HIKI, Budapest

1978                Dr. Techn., Institute for Physics, BME, Budapest

1982-1993       Microelectronics Co., Budapest

1983-1986       ERATO program, Research Development Corporation of Japan,

1988.               Candidate of Techn. Sci., Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS)

1988-1993       MESA Res. Inst., Universiteit Twente, Enschede, NL

1993-1998       Deputy director, HAS, KFKI ATKI

1998-2004       Deputy director, HAS MFA,

1993-1999.      College professor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Debrecen

2001.               Doctor of Sciences of HAS, scientific advisor

2002.               Dr. habil, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, BME, Budapest

2002.               Titular professor, Chair of Electronic Devices, Faculty of. El. Eng. & Inf., BME

2004-2016       Director, Research Institute for Technical Physics and Materials Science, MTA MFA
Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences - MTA EK MFA

2003-2013       Professor, Chair for Nanotechnology, University of Pannonia, Veszprém.

2010, 2016      Corresponding and ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

2013                Professor, Faculty of Inf. Technology & Bionics, P. Pázmány Catholic University, Budapest

2016-               Research professor at MTA EK MFA


After graduation he became involved at HIKI, and at his successor, the Microelectronics Co. in MOS IC design, silicon processing and characterisation. As guest researcher at the Semiconductor Res. Institute Sendai and at Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. he worked for four years on the image-sensing application of integrated static induction transistor arrays in the Nishizawa Perfect Crystal Project in the ERATO Program of JRDC. After the fire accident at the IC production facility he again became guest researcher at the MESA Research Institute of the University of Twente initiating and leading for over five years the "Rapid Thermal Multi-Processing" project, financed by the Dutch Foundation for Fundamental Research (FOM) and the Dutch Foundation for Technical Sciences (STW), respectively.

Returning to Hungary he became senior scientist and deputy director of KFKI Res. Inst. for Materials Science ATKI, and upon its reorganisation of the Res. Inst. for Technical Physics and Materials Science MFA of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His major research interest concerns S&T of nanostructured materials, selforganizing structures and their applications (MEMS/NEMS and PV, LED) primarily for sensing (physical, chemical and biological) purposes. He has led several international projects a/o on solar cell and microsystems research. He holds 18 patents, and published around 200 scientific papers, see at:


and/or https://vm.mtmt.hu/search/slist.php?nwi=1&inited=1&ty_on=1&url_on=1&cite_type=2&orderby=3D1a&lang=1&location=mtmt&stn=1&AuthorID=1313679&Scientific=1.


From 2004 to 2016 he was the director of MFA. The institute, now part of the Centre for Energy Research of HAS, is focusing on the multidisciplinary research of integrated nano- and microsystems, including novel research directions (nanopreparation, biosensorics) utilizing scientific collaboration in joint laboratories with institutions of higher education. By generating spin-offs, and fostering industrial collaboration also the economical utilisation of the research results is intended.

He is member of MRS and IEEE, of the Hungarian Academy of Engineers, Advisory Board member of International Solid-State Lighting Alliance, Member of the IEEE Sensor’s Council, Hungarian representative in the International Steering Committee of EUROSENSORS and the Scientific Council of ENIAC. He regularly serves as evaluator/rapporteur of proposals and reviewer of international research projects of EU Framework Programmes and as panel member in Grant Schemes of the European Research Council.


Distinctions:    Most Significant Invention Award, Sci.& Technology Agency, Japan (1990),

Officers Cross, Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (2008),

Gábor Dénes Award (2008),

Széchenyi Prize (2015).


He is ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences http://mta.hu/koztestuleti_tagok?PersonId=11373&nomination=1.