Zoltán Hózer

Z. Hózer

Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Energy Research Fuel and Reactor Materials Department H-1121 Budapest, Konkoly Thege M. street. 29-33., Hungary phone: +36 1 392 2586 e-mail: zoltan.hozer@energia.mta.hu

 - 1984 MSc nuclear engineer,  Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MEI)   
 - 1988 Dr. Univ., Budapest Technical University, (two-phase flow modelling)   
 - 2003 PhD, Budapest Unviversity of Technology and Economics, (simulation of leaking fuel rods)   
 - 2016 Doctor of Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences   

    CODEX reports    
    OECD reports    
    MTMT database    
    Google Tudós    

OECD projects and working groups 
 - 1996-2000 OECD RASPLAV Project
 - 2001-2006 OECD MASCA Project
 - 1996- OECD Halden Reactor Project
 - 1997-2000 OECD CSNI Working Groups on Degraded Core Cooling
 - 2002-2006 OECD CSNI Special Expert Group on Fuel Safety Margins
 - 2007- OECD CSNI Working Group on Fuel Safety (chair 2017-)
 - 2005-2008 OECD NSCEG Expert Group on R&D needs 
 - 2005-2007 OECD-IAEA Paks Fuel Project (co-ordinator) 
 - 2009-2013 OECD Sandia Fuel Project
 - 2014-2018 OECD SCIP III Project

EU projects and expert group 
 - 2000-2003 EU COLOSS Project
 - 2000-2003 EU ENTHALPY Project
 - 2005-2008 EU SARNET Project
 - 2005-2008 EU COVERS project
 - 2005-2012 EU Contact Expert Group on Severe Accident Management
 - 2009-2012 EU SARNET2 Project
 - 2012-2014 EU First-Nuclides Project
 - 2013-2017 EU ESNII Plus Project
 - 2014-2018 EU SAFEST Project

Research area
 - fuel behaviour under normal operation 
 - fuel behaviour during incidents and accidents 
 - spent fuel storage, handling, final disposal
 - fuel of Generation IV. reactors

 - starting from 2010 "safety analyses of nuclear power plants" for MSc students at the Budapest Unviversity of Technology and Economics
 - supervising PhD students  
 - 2001 IAEA Workshop on COBRA-SFS Code for VVER Spent Fuel Storage (IAEA), Prague, 
 - 2006 Strengthening safety and reliability of nuclear fuel and materials in NPPs, (IAEA), Argonne National Laboratory 
 - 2014 Training workshop on WWER  fuel integrity monitoring for safe operation of BNPP-1 (IAEA), Tehran 

1991- member of the Hungarian Nuclear Society (2013-2015 president)