Preprints and recent manuscripts by

Géza Ódor

  1. Róbert Juhász, Jeffrey Kelling, Géza Ódor
  2. Critical dynamics of the Kuramoto model on sparse random networks
  3. Géza Ódor and Jeffrey Kelling
  4. Desynchronization dynamics of the Kuramoto model on connectome graphs
  5. Géza Ódor , A. Krikelis, G. Vesztergombi and F. Rohrbach:
  6. Effective Monte Carlo simulation on System-V massively parallel associative string processing architecture, proceedings of the 7-th Euromicro workshop on parallel and distributed  processing, Funchal (Portugal) Feb. 3-5 1999, IEEE Computer society press, Los Alamitos Ed.: B. Werner, 1999.
  7. Géza Ódor
  8. Critical dynamics on a large human Open Connectome network
    Biomedical Advances, Editors picks, ISSN 2573-0355
  9. Géza Ódor, G. Vesztergombi and F. Rohrbach:
  10. A model for Intelligent Random Access Memory architecture (IRAM): cellular automata algorithms on the Associative String Processing machine (ASTRA)